Packed with amazing features

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Automatic data entry from web to lead

Form details like 'Name, number, email etc.' are pushed into WorkflowMax or Xero Practice Manager automatically.

Digitalise all your paper forms

Re-create all your paper forms and bring them online. FORMbasic then automates all data entry, eliminating double-handling.

Auto attach lead categories, templates and estimated values

FORMbasic can automate all WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager's features. Saving you time and creating real efficiency.

Integrate with Mailchimp

Finally bridge the gap between WorkflowMax/Xero Practice Manager and Mailchimp. FORMbasic allows you to send data to both programs simultaneously.

Send/receive email and SMS notifications

Provide instant response to your leads and close deals on the spot.

Smart client/lead auto update

FORMbasic makes sure that it never creates duplicate entries. This smart feature looks up whether the lead/client already exists and updates it's information.

Safe and secure

Your API and account key is never disclosed, keeping all your confidential information safe.

Who is FORMbasic for?

FORMbasic is built for anyone who uses WorkflowMax or Xero Practice Manager to manage their business' lead and client information.

Whether you're an accountant, bookkeeper, creative agency or a tradie; FORMbasic can help automate your workflow.

See client testimonials

Client testimonials

We have recently integrated FormBasic forms to our website and have been astounded by the efficiency they have created and by the service we've received from FormBasic.

Nothing is too much trouble. The guys respond to enquiries and questions really quickly and thoroughly. FormBasic have literally transformed the way we use our website and the way we quote clients. What had previously taken 30 minutes and required multiple re-submissions of information now takes 3 minutes. Also, we have the ability, at a glance, to monitor which pages of our website are generating the best conversions.


Dale Koerner,

One affordable package

FORMbasic's monthly subscription is less than an hour's pay of a regular employee. Prices are inclusive of GST.

Unlimited submissions
Free life-time support
SMS and email notifications
All Xero Practice Manager integration features
All WorkflowMax integration features
All Mailchimp integration features