FORMbasic, what is it?


Lead/Client details are pushed into WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager automatically
from your website's custom form within seconds


Automated entry

Lead/Client details are pushed into WorkflowMax or Xero Practice Manager automatically from your website's custom form.

Provide better quotes

Assign specific 'Estimated Value's for different types of enquiries from your custom form.

Assign lead templates

FORMbasic can assign specific lead templates to each lead that it pushes automatically.

Automatic update

When you manually add a lead/client and the lead/client already exists, FORMbasic makes sure it will update information instead of creating a new lead/client.

Email notification

A notification email alerts you when a new lead/client has been captured from your web form.

Safe & Secure

Your API and account key is never disclosed, keeping all your confidential information safe.

Who is FORMbasic for?


Accountants & Bookkeepers, Creative Agencies and Tradies love FORMbasic because it makes signing up new clients and capturing leads a breeze. We digitally recreate your 'New Client Infomation' form which pushes all the captured data automatically into Xero & WorkflowMax.

FORMbasic also integrates with MailChimp & Twilio, sycning your contacts with your Workflow Program.

Create 'New Client Information' forms

Create 'Update Your Information' forms

FORMbasic saves an average of $750 a month in productivity

Try the demo


We've set up a demo environment with FORMbasic and WorkflowMax for you to have a play with.
Click below to try the demo.

The FORMbasic team


We created FORMbasic to help companies using WorkflowMax/Xero streamline their workflow


Experts in API integrations

With years of exprience, the team here at FORMbasic are always looking to improve and expand the useability of FORMbasic.

Friendly Staff

Each client is assigned to a FORMbasic specialist to discover their needs/pain points. Have questions? Ask us anything by clicking the bottom-right tab!

Reliable Service

All FORMbasic forms are hosted in Australia to increase speed and reliablity. We understand the importance of new leads for business.